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Wilson Trollope's permanent home in Wellington

Wellington fashion designer Annabelle Wilson has big dreams for her label, including opening a store in New York, but her hometown comes first.

Wilson has opened her flagship store on Victoria St, in Wellington, four years after launching her first collection.

The store marks the beginning of a 20-year growth plan to take the Wilson Trollope label global.

Wilson has been making clothes since she was about four years old, but only decided to make a career out of it after returning to New Zealand from a few months travelling abroad.

On her trip, she completed a course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, which counts designers like Stella McCartney and the late Alexander McQueen as alumni.

Upon her return in 2012, she settled back into her parents house, and set up a workroom, where she still works from today.

The 30-year-old began with an online store, selling clothes to New Zealanders, but quickly realised she needed to get some stockists on board. She then opened a few pop-up stores around Wellington.

"They sort of got more frequent and longer, and suddenly it was like, 'This is almost permanent', so it made sense to have a permanent space," Wilson said.

"I had my eye out … and then this space came up and everything seemed to align. It's been so good. It's such a great location."

Wilson launched her first collection in 2013, and has just finished designing her 12th season.

"It's quite intense, and it's definitely a rollercoaster, but it's good."

One of the biggest challenges of running a fashion label was creating and making new product ranges every four to six months, she said.

"This is a really quick turn around both from a design point of view, logistically in making the product and also in terms of selling the product. Last season's stock becomes old very quickly.

"Most other businesses have much longer lifespans on the products and services they provide," she said.

"For us, this really keeps us on our toes and you have to be very organised to stick to the schedule and meet these timelines."

Wilson has "big dreams" for the label, including opening a store in New York.

"Other people do it, so why not?," she said.

"Lots of big labels started off as little ones, in little Italian towns, so why can't that be New Zealand? Why can't that be a label from Wellington?"

Wilson wears her own label everyday "even on the weekends", she said.

"If I didn't want to wear it, I shouldn't be making it."Read more at:formal dresses australia | long formal dresses

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