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Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS) is holding its own "Project Runway."

Students in the high school's fashion design class are making everything from tennis shoes to avant-garde designs. The new nine-week class is keeping students busy wrestling with sewing machines, measuring themselves and finding inspiration.

Students have worked on making paper dresses, beanies to sell on Etsy, shorts or lounge pants as well as fashion drawings. Some of the successful clothes are hoped to be sold at a consignment store, according to teacher Elizabeth Carpenter.

Fashion design students Nayely Arreola, Daisy Diaz and Amaya Avila designed a very puffy skirt out of paper strips, a tight bodice with butterflies on the skirt and a big sunflower on the back. The students agreed they enjoyed the endless possibilities offered in the class.

"I like creating my own things," Diaz said. "I like looking at fashion and mixing things around."

"You can come up with your own stuff you won't see anyone else wearing," Avila said.

Arreola said she felt proud of what she made and wants to go on to sew plush animals.

Avila wants to upcycle, and Diaz wants to make her own clothes.

Students Alex Rivera, Emma Henthorn and Alayna Daniels explained how they designed a more modern paper dress, with a tight top and skirt with a big bow in the back. They added a cage at the bottom and stars on the front.

"It's a steampunk idea with a modern twist," Rivera said. "We were putting a Lady GaGa twist on it with a giant bow."

The project had its challenges, as the students wanted to make a black design and had to use roofing paper. The hot glue on the paper would sometimes melt. Daniels said she liked bringing her ideas to life.

The class was challenging, with it taking a week alone to learn the art of drawing fashion body types. Then students had to come up with inspired looks for them. Henthorn drew inspiration from a Victorian egg; Rivera, a fox and Native American art; and Daniels, a chandelier.

The students went on to learn machine sewing, which was difficult for some. However, Henthorn picked it up quickly and helped her group with rethreading the machines. All the students agreed they like the class and the teacher.

"I like her creativity and she's very outgoing," Henthorn said.

"She's like the cool teacher," Rivera said.

"She's very fun and different like no teacher I've ever had," Daniels said.Read more at:formal dresses adelaide | plus size formal dresses

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