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I turn up when I feel like there’s something to say

What compels a designer to stop showing at Australia's leading fashion week, and then start again?

For Lee Mathews, it was a new chapter in her 15-year-old business.

"I’m not one for overdoing things. I turn up when I feel like there’s something to say," she said. "This year I have employed a new designer into the business and I wanted to mark the occasion with giving her the opportunity to showcase what she wants to do to take the business forward."

Natalia Grzybowski joined the business after stints at Lover, Josh Goot and Alice McCall.

Mathews said it was the right time to bring in a fresh point of view.

"I got to the point where I thought I had been doing the same thing, I pushed as hard as I could to evolve the business," Mathews said. "But I needed a fresh point of view – it took me a long time to find someone I could do it with."

Mathews said having Grzybowski on board would free her up to bring back some of her production to Australia, even though, she said, it may lead to higher prices.

"It’s not about price, it’s about perception in the end. Feeling like you are part of your own domestic industry," Mathews said. "It’s a risk [to raise prices] but I am ready to do it because it’s important. It’s nice to have contact with the local makers again, it has been a really long time."

Mathews is among more than 25 confirmed designers showing over the five days of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, which kicks off with Camilla and Marc at dusk on May 13.

Highlights of the program, which was announced in Sydney this evening, include a presentation by Briton Emilia Wickstead, a favourite designer of the Duchess of Cambridge, and a special show marking Akira Isogawa's 25th year in the industry.

Another show bound to attract attention is from musical group Client Liaison, who are releasing their first full fashion range following a successful merchandise pop-up in 2017.

Closing the week is the queen of the kaftan, Camilla, who will also hold the first show of Weekend Edition, the consumer event that runs after the conclusion of the industry shows.

Mathews said her resort range took its inspiration from the late Mexican architect Luis Barragan to the late artist Donald Judd, with plenty of block colour and print-on-print designs.

"It’s art meets architecture meets Annie Alba’s textiles ... Natalia’s aesthetic is very modern but beautiful," Mathews said.

"I keep saying to her just remember not everything can be cool and linear, it has to be fluid."

While Mathews also remains "fluid" about her business model, which includes seven stores and international distribution through and Net-a-Porter, she is loyal to her bricks-and-mortar roots.

"I don't want to walk away from [bricks and mortar] because of the relationship thing; how the stores look, what they represent as a vessel for what you do when things are becoming so large scale, so over-comodified," she said. "There was a moment in time when that was all going to disappear … I had that moment too and I was concerned by it but I feel like I have moved past that."Read more at:cheap formal dresses online | white formal dresses

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