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We were greeted by another fashion week, in Delhi this month. While the FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week Winter/Fashion 2018 went without much ado, there were many styling tips for the willing in the style capital (and the real one too) of this country. Notes from what the fashion fraternity are wearing these days, to what can become a part of the fashion conscious’s everyday wear:

Ombre and metallic shades

Metallic accents on accessories are more popular than ever. The advantage that they have is that they’re easy to pair, for whoever likes dressing up in a relaxed manner. They can be creatively used by moving away from metal in jewellery; instead, wearing them as accents on clothes, as trimmings, or as purses, bags and clutches. Sneakers with metal accents, and in gold, platinum and silver are everywhere, as though we are in 2005 again.

Salwar and boots

They’re androgynous, they’re sexy, and there you have already ticked most of the required parameters to stay in vogue. Boots marched all over the floors of the fashion week this season. Designers have found the perfect excuse to put those feet into boots in tepid weather, by breeding them with mules, and making them open-toed. Still not all-weather friendly, but thankfully we’ve come a long way from uggs and crocs.

Hat-tip to vintage

All things vintage have been explored to no end, and yet, they seem to inspire more and more designers every season. Pero’s collection at the FDCI Amazon India Winter/Autumn Fashion week had us smiling at the lovely big flowers embroidered in bright fuschia shades all over their clothes.

Anupama Dayal has always been big on vintage; while last season we found her tipping over to floral maxis in luxurious silk, this season Dayal found her inspiration in the rich kadhai traditions of Lucknow. Anju Modi’s collection also stuck to the traditional Indian aesthetic very strongly, using natural fabrics, and exaggerated modest silhouettes to win this round.

The travel vibe

People do not seem to be giving up on the person they are on their travels round-the-clock, as we get deeper into the age of millenials. No wonder so many designers seem to be focussing on the ‘travel look’, that is being adapted into an everyday vibe. Seychelles is the destination of choice for swimwear/clubwear designers Shivan & Narresh, and we’re completely sold on it. Borrowing from the Edo Art aesthetic, their collection features tropical prints, and pop-up colours that make their signature prints look even more fantastical. What really worked for us, however, was the fresh eyewear collection that jazzes up their now-getting-slightly-familiar swimsuits.

Fur and leather accents

It’s summer, so we aren’t quite recommending it to you yet, but keep in mind for the upcoming months ahead, when the summer season cools down, that we haven’t quite seen the last of faux fur and leather yet all over our clothes. Faux fur, extending into accessories, like the fun Fendi bags from last season, gives the needed drama when you’re done with normcore.Read more at: |

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