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The advantages and disadvantages of wearing miniskirts

Many girls especially like to wear miniskirts. Wearing miniskirts also has many advantages and disadvantages. For professional women, wearing miniskirt can reflect a temperament.

Benefits of wearing mini-skirts:

1. The summer wear short skirt can achieve the function of "relieve the heat", let your legs feel relaxed and free, the lower body feels cool and refreshing.

2. Show her beautiful figure and show her two long legs.

3, expose oneself sexy curve, short skirt is fashionable, sexy, can show the perfect body that love beautiful woman.

Wearing a mini-skirt is a sign of confidence. It is easy to cool off when exercising, and it is more convenient for the legs to show a pair of long legs that are longer than the opponent's. The company's young working women dress up to their status, make themselves more comfortable at work and more confident when talking to their bosses.

The disadvantages of wearing short skirts:

Sometimes it's easy to get lost.

2 wear miniskirt although cool, can also be a double-edged sword, because wear miniskirt directly to expose a woman's lower body, more vulnerable to attack. Originally the young woman that suffers from the disease of department of gynaecology wears miniskirt, because the air is damp and warm, easy aggravate department of gynaecology disease.

The embodiment of character: miniskirt is a kind of casual dress, do not suit especially formal occasion.

How should the miniskirt match?

1. Classic white shirt, loose and elegant version, retro and elegant style, exudes a lady's temperament. Simple combination of short green short skirt, the appearance of a lady's breath, with vintage single shoes, super taste of dress up.

2. The white shirt with lace collar is not very tasty. With a touch of elegance, it feels very comfortable. Pair with purple short skirt, black vintage single shoe, exceed the celebrity daughter gold model.

3. White sleeveless shirt, exquisite little filet decoration, enhance the sense of fashion, plus the design of the body to highlight the perfect figure. Collocation horizontal stripe short skirt, white one shoe, give a person the feeling is very understanding.

4 black silk stockings are not only fashionable and sexy, but also have a good thin leg effect. With this shiny floral miniskirt and plain white shirt, do you have a retro taste?

5. The beauty of classic black and white collocation, white shirt, black mini skirt of tall waist collocation of cultivate one's morality, waist line of ascension effectively elongate the leg proportion, legs more slender, black has played a more narrow visual effect.

6. Black and white stripe T-shirt, has a lot to play on the coat color choices space, want to wear some plain coloured, directly choose black or white T-shirt, if you want to is nifty and lovely, can choose bright color to try to match.

7. White chiffon shirt gives a pure, confident breath, the fishtail skirt gives a woman taste and enchanting feeling. This dress is suitable for the office, the top and bottom are pure color collocation, simple and simple, a gust of wind hit. Shoes can be chosen in heels or heels, because the color of the skirt is bright, and it is recommended to choose black or grey in the color of the shoes.

8. The princess sleeve chiffon shirt of the grid, reveal the breath of the little woman faintly, the white lotus leaf is miniskirt, show sex appeal. The chiffon is tucked into the skirt, which perfectly improves the position of the waist line. This white mini-skirt can also be paired with a bright top, but it's not recommended to wear a T-shirt.

9. Whether short skirts are printed or plain, they can be paired with a white shirt, a regular collar or a mini collar and a miniskirt. A miniskirt paired with a shirt can neutralize a shirt's professional feel. Notice that you need to put your shirt on the bottom of your skirt so you can look at the length of your legs.Read more at: |

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